Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay, so this version of Mixtape (does anyone else think this looks like the name of an ancient Aztec city?) is a little different. No theme; instead it's Song Association Mixtape! I'm gonna think of a song, and then one of you guys will post the very first song that comes to mind spurred on by my suggestion, and then somebody else will comment on song #2, and so on and so forth. It'll be fun! C'mon, stop whining. You know this has got to be better than typing random phrases into Wikipedia. Some ground rules: no repeats, since this is hypothetically going to have to listenable, and the songs have to be popular/well-known/recognizable enough that the next person in line can relate to them in some way, shape or form. Otherwise, we stall out, right? Also, I'm naming names: Lacy and Daisy, you guys have to come up with SOMETHING, just cuz I love you and I'm making you do it.

Ready for my first song?


Okay, here we go:

Hold On by Wilson Phillips

Three things about this song:
1) Daisy and I listened to this song A LOT in the summer of 1990.
2) I used to really,really, really want to look like Wendy Wilson
3) Chynna Phillips looks like Tasha Yar, which I never noticed until watching this video. And that is your unnecessary ST:TNG reference for today.
I thought she died on Vagra II! My mistake, she went on to a mildly successful singing career!


  1. Ok. Honestly?

    Iesha by Another Bad Creation.


    This song was actually on a mixtape along with "Hold On" that I made in 7th grade from songs taped off the radio.

  2. Yay! People are playing my game!

  3. I saw the song before I saw my name, and what a memory blast! I wonder if I still have that tape...

  4. Val's song totally made me think of

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime


  5. Here comes your man

  6. Also on that tape:

    The inimitable Mariah Carey...

    The all-but-forgotten Fine Young Cannibals..

    And this song, which I can't believe existed alongside these other two:


  7. joe jackson - is she really going out with him?