Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Sugar Shakers are delicious!

You'll notice that I went an unusual amount of time before posting again. This is because my bass came. I know you all are thinking, don't you have two already? Yes, I did, and now I have three. The biggest difference is, the new one is a stand-up. Yes, a stand-up. It's glossy black with hot pink nylon strings, and it still surprises me that I own it. I am learning how to slap, and it's going pretty well. So well, in fact, that I played a gig with it on Saturday night.

We really need a better band photographer.

I couldn't believe how fun it was. I played so hard that the thumb on my slapping hand went numb during Cocaine Blues and I could barely get through the last song. It was great, even if I was injured. I am going to work on building my stamina so I can get through longer than thirty minutes of playing.

We are considering a few themes for our shows. One would be a prom theme, complete with streamers. One might be pirates, because as everyone know, there is nothing I love better than pirates. I am voting for a rumble theme, complete with chains and switchblade combs, but I will probably get vetoed on that one. Any great ideas out there?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stella in action

It's just a tease. Here's how the boots look next to cooler shoes. Obviously I need to step it up a notch or two. Or maybe they'll look way hotter next to an upright.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The most boring sewing project ever.

So boring, in fact, that there are no pictures of it. Of course, there are no pictures of anything interesting I'm doing, either, so that doesn't count for much. It did, however, remind me that I love to sew when I get to choose what I'm working on. And because I finished a UFO (that's unfinished object to you non-crafters) while I was sitting at the sewing machine. It was a skirt that I started for the Seattle trip but left undone because I detest hemming circle skirts. The only thing I hate more, in fact, is working on inane, ugly curtains for pushy people who aren't even friends of mine. That is why the skirt got finished. After the monotony of the cheap-ass, horrible curtains, at least I will get to wear my fabulous new skirt. Of which there is no picture. Of course.

What I do have pictures of is my boots. Just my cowboy boots, really. I wanted to put up some pictures of them because Japonski says that they are the footwear of choice for the big trip to NYC, and because we individually became obsessed with them at the same time. So here they are.

I have four pairs. I love them all. I wear the plainish, hard leather tan ones all the time. The black pair with bass clefs are really Stella's, and not mine at all. I love having an alter ego. The bookend pairs belonged to my sister, and at nearly 20 years old, are certifiably vintage. The suede tan pair are ultra comfy, but they are a little less Folsom Prison Blues and a little more Wanted Dead or Alive than I like. I say that, but if I ever get the heels fixed, I'll wear them to death, I'm sure. I intend on wearing the red ones with my new skirt, which is a delightful shade of aqua. I love that color combo.

Keep an eye out here for info on the new band website! H. is hard at work on it, because she is our Jill of all trades. I am in charge mostly of outlandish ideas, which I am very skilled at.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I just went week without rehearsing with the band. I spent a few days screwing around on my purple acoustic/electric that until very recently was the love of my life. How fickle can I be? I am borrowing an upright to practice on at A.'s house, and so I have been sort of stiffing my guitars. The consequence, though, is that I went a week without playing the Beast, and now I have blisters on all three of my plucking fingers. It should only be two plucking fingers, or at least that's what it is when I play the bass guitar, but to get better slap, I am scooping the strings with half my hand. Ten minutes into practice, I was breathing hard, dripping with sweat, and sort of trembly in the tricep area., not to mention ominously stinging in the pads of my fingers. Even though I put bandaids over two fingers (I forgot the stupid medical tape AGAIN), I still have a couple decent sized blisters. And it hurts now that I 'm not absorbed in playing. Whatever. I'm tough.

I am so enamored of my new computer that I have not started work on the band bag I was intending. Or the laptop case I desperately need, for that matter. I have been really remiss about working on sewing projects. I finished a bunch before the Seattle trip, including the mythical brown eyelet dress, and have not touched the machine since. I need to get in the craft room and 1) clean and organize and 2) force myself to make something. It'll make me feel better. It always does.

Edit: I fixed the brown eyelet dress link, because even though the only one who cares is the one it was intended for, maybe someone will stumble on this and not be bored.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

My Grandmama has passed away. Her body finally just quit. She was 96 years and 2 weeks old.

I hope for a lot of things in this life. I hope that my children grow up to be good people. I hope that I acheive some sort of lasting success on this earth. I hope for the continued good health of my family. And I hope that someday I can acheive the elegance and grace that my Grandmama had, even if I only manage it for a single night.

She was a nurse, an artist, a mother. She saw war and death; she knew joy and plenty. She was tempermental, difficult to please, exacting, and demanding. She was beautiful.

I haven't cried for her, and I doubt that I will. Not because I don't miss her - I do - but because it would have driven her absolutely nuts. "Good heavens, are you crying? What on EARTH would you do a thing like that for? You'll make your eyemakeup smear and your nose red. Go to the ladies' room, for God's sake."

The next time you drink a bloody mary, spend a moment thinking of the fantastic women who made them a staple of Sunday brunch, like my Grandmama. The world is a less splendid place without her.