Monday, October 29, 2007

Come and gone...

Once again the Stardust Ball has come and gone. The Rockabilly Circus was what one might term a success, if one were possessed of the habit of rating every experience meticulously. I would be lying if I said I was not one of those people. The truth is, I am cursed with the desire to relive and debrief every moment endlessly, much to the exhaustion of my friends. In any case, while I feel we could have amped the energy just a notch, we did respectably, and I got some heartwarming praise from a few people whose opinions I treasure. So there you are.

As everyone knows, it was also my birthday, and that made for an interesting evening. I got cake and kisses, as well as some marvelous presents. Princess Japonski went out of her way to make this a birthday worth something, and she outdid herself. First and foremost, flying cross country for three nights of debauched tomfoolery with her favorite rockstars, and some imported rockstars, was above and beyond the call of duty. Then she provided champagne and cake, style advice and many soothing words of encouragement, and a Johnny Cash DVD. Clearly, they broke the mold when they made her.

I have thanks to offer everyone who worked so hard to make these few days so astounding, including my mom and my ex (may he never get another mention in these pages) who made sure Miss Thing and Cap'n Jack were fed and clothed and kept out of traffic. Also every fan who turned up after the relentless barrage of promotion I subjected you all to. And the person who donated the coach for the stage, complete with skelly driver. And to my friends, who always know just what I want and how to bring it. And to the Dusty 45's, for being talented and handsome and accommodating, even if I may not let Billy stand on my bass again. And of course to my band, without whom the magic just could not happen.

Now I get to do it all again, without the bourbon, because it's Bea's birthday. There will be more pink things, if only marginally, and fewer people in costume, f only marginally, but I expect it will have the same general flavor of mayhem, because, after all, she is my very own.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another post about my hair.

I have been meaning to do this to my hair since July, when I was in New York. But I'm a wimp. I've had the bleach since August, and the color for about three weeks now. I just managed it last night. And it's sort of anticlimactic, which frankly is the story of my life. It's a little pinker than it appears in these pics, but not by much. I was too scared to bleach it the way it needed. Next time.

I am further along on the costumes than I thought I was going to be. Miss Thing's is in fact nearly complete, but I don't have pictures because I have come to hate my mother's digital camera and have done nothing to replace it with one of my own. My own costume is perhaps 65% wearable, and 48% complete (it needs tons of embellishment). I really should stop messing about on the net and go do that right now...

By the way, I'm on the phone with Princess Japonski in these pictures.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Okay, so Princess Japonski actually had her birthday several days ago. Two and a half weeks ago, to be precise, which puts us squarely in the no-man's land in between her natal celebration and my own. I have been waiting a long time (more than two weeks) to write this post, because for some reason, the USPS decided to take its own sweet time delivering the present I slaved over for her. Finally, she got it, and finally, she opened it, and so FINALLY I can show you all what she has that the rest of you (well, except for one) do not. I am happy to introduce to you, that unmistakable icon of Christ's love for man personified through the Catholic Church, The Sacred Heart of our Savior, Jesus:

And the beaded representation of His blood, and the thorns that show the weary pain of mortal existence (as represented by some metallic embroidery thread):

I jest, perhaps securing my bunk in the Dormitory of Eternal Torment, but it was really meant in respect. And because, truthfully, who hasn't want to make the Son more approachable and human by cuddlifying His iconography?

I did make her something else, but I'll let her relate that story. You can pursue the rest of this story over at Letters to Bea.