Monday, January 21, 2008

Popcorn, baby!

I got bored with the last Mixtape, so I'm divering my attention to something related, but more fun for me. I am going to list my favorite rock and roll movies, along with my favorite scenes in each, and then you can so the same. I will limit myself to a mere five, that's right, only FIVE rock and roll movies, so as to leave plenty of material for you guys. If you have any knowledge of me whatsoever, you will realize that this is a huge sacrifice on my part.

5) Great Balls of Fire, about Jerry Lee Lewis. With Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder. My favorite scene is when Myra brings all her little friends over to see Cousin Jerry, and he terrorizes them and does something funny to her by trapping them in a corner with his piano while playing. In my head he is playing the Wild One, but I think he's actually just fooling around with a boogie woogie. Anybody able to clear this up definitively? I can't find a clip of this.

4)The Buddy Holly Story with Gary Busey. They go onstage at the Apollo Theater, the first white act to perform there ever, and they do a medley that includes Oh, Boy! and my favorite Buddy Holly tune, Rave On.

3) Walk the Line, about Johnny Cash. With Joaquin Phoenix. When he goes onstage to sing Get Rhythm. He looks out at the sea of faces and chokes out, "Hello. I'm Johnny Cash." There's a smattering of applause, and then they launch into the song. I am almost positive the bass player is actually play the bass in this clip.

2) Rock and Roll High School. Not a biopic, but I wish it was. With P.J. Soles and the Ramones. My favorite scene is when they sing I Want you Around in the dream sequence - actually a drug sequence, since she's toking when it happens - and DeeDee is playing the bass in the shower, with the water running. He's totally soaked and appears not to care. It's at the very end of the clip - watch it all the way through.

1) Jailhouse Rock. With Elvis. Obviously, the only scene worth focusing on in the movie is Jailhouse Rock. It's iconic, and he's electric. It's worth noting though, that his character in the movie is jailed for killing a man by punching him. Damn. That's rock and roll.

As a bonus, my favorite scene from a music movie that is not rock and roll: in Coal Miner's Daughter, Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn is too scared to sing in the studio until Doo goes and gets their kids and lines them up in front of her. He says, "Just sing to the babies, Loretta." And she does.

You'll note the conspicuous absences, my friends. Fill in the blanks!


  1. This is the most embarrassing thing in the whole world to admit, but of all those movies, I've only ever seen Walk the Line.

    (Pausing here for ridicule about being un-cultured in rock'n'roll movies. Are you quite finished?)

    Ahem, here's mine...

    1) Hard Day's Night - the Can't Buy Me Love part with the aerial shots of the boys being goofy. Still exhilarating today!

    2) Help - it's a tie between "The Night Before," which sets the Beatles in soft cashmere turtlenecks and nice wool blazers in a foggy moor-scape; and "Another Girl," which sets the Beatles in the Caribbean, looking utterly pasty and ridiculous in blue jeans and t-shirts and playing tanned girls as instruments.

    3) Don't Look Back - the part where Joan Baez is singing "Percy's song" and Bob is typing. Don't you just want to squeeze him? He does the most adorable little head-shake toward the end of the clip. Later she comes over and ruffles his hair.

    Oh, and of course the face-off between Bobby D. and Donovan...

    4) Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Tear Me Down

    The opening titles alone are so rad.

    I just edited this comment down by half...there's so many...

  2. I suck at movies, these clips were fun though