Friday, January 11, 2008

In which our heroine consumes delicacies and muses on many tangential thoughts.

So I was thinking of all the stuff I wanted to say with this post. I was basically going to whine about what amounts to nothing but whining, and I was going to explain about going to the store for chocolate milk and potato chips, and realizing that I was too hungry for that, and buying a bunch of stuff I'm too tired to cook, and then wishing I had a GBF (gay best friend or gay boyfriend) to surprise me by swinging by my house with some wonton soup and a bunch of rom-coms we both swear to hate but really secretly love, and then thinking about how much I love dim sum and other assorted weird things, and then realizing that I already wrote that post and had to conjure up something else to write about, which led to me thinking about how I am for all intents and purposes white, even though I have a healthy portion of SO NOT A WHITE CHICK running through my veins and then I got on a little kick about how people always assume wherever I live that I am a member of the closest ethnic group of dark-haired, brown-skinned people, and how once for fun on a bus in Denver when a pimply Aryan type called me a greaser, I shouted, "I'm Cuban, asshole!" even though I'm not, and how not funny my friend thought it was. Oh yeah, and I was thinking that I really want to go to that great newsstand in Pikes Place Market and buy a copy of French Vogue and read it in the patisserie while eating apricot-filled croissants. But that of course is just a normal, unremarkable desire for me.

The comestibles this evening are: baked tofu basted with hoisin sauce and five spice powder, steamed vegetables, and rice, accompanied by lumpia I bought for Christmas dinner and never cooked. Don't worry, they were frozen. Oh, and instead of chocolate milk, Cherry Coke because why the hell not? It's Friday!

By the way, anyone interested in another round of mixtape? PLEASE? I promise it won't be about stupid boys this time.


  1. You know I'm always down with the mixtape. Just gimme a theme.

    I've had a few drinks and feel like high-fiving people right now.

  2. Mixed tape? I am on