Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's NOT a uniform!

My sartorial update for the day is this: someone commented on the fact that I was dressed as a stereotypical hipster today. I was wearing the following: ironic icon tee-shirt, slate-blue trousers, a navy blue hoodie, Converse sneakers, a black peacoat, a skinny scarf, a beret. I was going to offer a singeing retort when I realized that they were right. I was dressed like an extra from a Zach Braff movie. I blocked out the sound of their taunting by shoving my iPod earbuds in and marching smartly away.

Converse were a poor choice of footwear for the weather.


  1. You should have bit them, that always gets me free of the hipster moniker

  2. I'm harrumph!-ing on your behalf.

    For one thing, the stereotypical hipster look has changed since the Zach Braff movies. You were actually rocking a classic alternative look that's been rock'n'roll for decades, and probably will be for more to come (except for the gadget you were sticking in your ears). It's not like you were sporting a geometric haircut, overly lined eyes, skinny jeans, knee boots and a frayed scarf.

    Plus, if you do dress like a sterotypical *anything*, it's a deliberate and delightful costume choice. After all, I've seen you out lookin' like a Warhol-type muse, a Honky Tonk Angel, and a shop girl on the Champs Elysees, sometimes all in one week.

    So if that remark was to suggest any sort of unoriginality on your part, harrumph!

    p.s. Now that I think of it, your blog should include a photo of your outfit every day. Like Cher in Clueless.