Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I sleep on the right side

So on the left side of my bed, in the spot where someone else would lay if he were around to lay in it, there is:

-the lumpy pillow. I need to have it, just in case I have a sudden desire to completely surround myself in fluff.

-seven books: Natural Acts and The Reluctant Mr. Darwin, by David Quammen; Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman; the graphic novel of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman; The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler; With Billie (a biography of Billie Holiday); Scar Tissue (the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis). I am in the middle of one of these and just starting another. The rest I have read at least once, but keep around to reference or read bits of before sleeping. Except the Handler - I have no idea how that even got on the bed.

-four magazines: Rolling Stone, Mental Floss, Old School Rods (don't ask), and Star (REALLY. DON'T ASK.)

-my ukulele

And on my nightstand, to my right:

-a mason jar full of pens.

-all my remotes.

-my iPod speakers.

-two candles, one orange blossom and one bergamot and lime; two lighters, one green, one lavender.

-a glass for water, currently empty.

- five books: Oliver Twist, a rhyming dictionary, 100 Poems from the Japanese, collections of Millay and Cummings.

-three different types of balm for skin: Badger Balm, Lubriderm lotion; the tattoo stuff from the place.

-four different types of balm for lips: Burt's Bees; Kiss My Face Cranberry Orange; Schweppes Tonic Water; Besame Lipglaze in Crystal.

-my empty and long neglected glasses case.

-an assortment of jewelry from the last two weeks, since getting back from Seattle, including my sparrow necklace, two pairs of black hoop earrings, and my fantastic vintage Bulova watch.

-a huge stack of CDs people have burned for me that I have not put on a spindle yet.

-my journal, which is used only for jotting down ideas and phrases - I am not much of a diarist, and my lyrics notebook, which is used for everything from lyrics and song ideas to grocery lists.

-a grocery list with a doodle of a strawberry on it.

-a tourist guide to New Orleans (yes, still. shut it.)

-a bottle of nail polish in Stroke of Midnight, a very very deep red.

-an orange crayon.

-Post-it notes in bright yellow. Like not normal Post-it yellow, but school bus yellow. Dandelion yellow.

I feel like you now know everything you need to know about me.


  1. Where does Bea sleep amid all this?

  2. HA! HRH is in her own bed for the most part these days.