Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pretty in pink

That outfit is positively volcanic!

You may have noticed a tiny redesign here at BMA. There was no real reason behind it, except I couldn't for the life of me remember why I chose willow green as the color scheme. I do love yellowy greens - it's one color I absolutely CANNOT pull off, even if I adore it - but still. It seemed un-MarieAntoinette-y and un-Stella-y and... not quite right. So, pink it is. For the moment.

We are watching Sesame Street Old School DVD right now. Santa brought it to HRH this year, even though there are disclaimers all over about how it no longer suits the needs of modern pre-schoolers or some such nonsense. Miss Thing, of COURSE, is captivated. So, for that matter, is Cap'n Jack, despite his double digit age. Why? Because this Sesame Street feels real. It's paced like life is - long stretches of quiet mundanity punctuated with moments of interest. Most everybody - even the monsters! - are non-excitable, tranquil, even (dare I say it) slightly surly. Adults are quite firmly figures of authority, not friends, although they are friendly. There is a little slapstick - kids running into laundry on a clothesline - and many, many lessons: where milk comes from, how to form a knit stitch, counting to 12, over, under, around, and through... It's orderly and frankly, to eyes jaundiced by the frenetically paced, neon-colored, song/dance/laugh fest that is children's television today, a little boring. In a really good way. There is a real sense of respect for children that I don't feel from the program anymore.

Anyway, this isn't on the DVD, but it is my favorite Grover moment, and has the bonus of being several teachable moments in one:


  1. you look good in pink

  2. You know, Grover was never one of my favorites. I also never dug on Big Bird, or Snuffy, for that matter. I was pretty much a straight-up Oscar the Grouch gal. (My mom often found me in trash cans pretending to be him.)

    But now that I'm older and all those annoying other Muppets came on the scene (Elmo and that other awful little friend - Chloe?), I'm totally pro-Grover.

  3. The name of that awful, bossy, whiny, princessy monster is Zoe, God help me. Sometimes I fantasize that Sweetums, the giant, truly frightening monster fromthe Muppet Show, will appear and swallow her whole, tutu, obnoxious roller skates,et al.

    And thank you, I quite like it. FOr now.

  4. the cookie monster was my favorite. or so my parents tell me, since i don't remember much. they also tell me i referred to the whole sesame street gang as "my friends" and they once found me trying to crack open the tv screen with a toy hammer, convinced i could get in there and hang out with them. it's kind of a sad story, really.