Monday, April 21, 2008

More whining about this town's sense of style.

Here is a picture of me. I just took it on my iSight. My hair is cute today, except one chunk that inexplicably fell, but I love my bangs, and mostly the curl is hanging on. You will notice, please, the telltale sheen of moisturizer but neither base nor powder, as well as the conspicuous lack of lip colorant. Also, I am wearing an olive green sweater from Old Navy. Pretty normal, right? In addition, I wore: a pale pink cotton voile shirtdress with a pleated skirt by Isaac Mizrahi (FOR TARGET) and pink flats. In light of my recent efforts in Las Vegas, this outfit is barely suitable for grocery shopping in. But, lo and behold, what does someone tell me?

"You look ready for prom!"


Like, rent a limo and eat at a fancy restaurant your parents picked, PROM?!?! You're fucking kidding me. You know, I kind of wish it was prom. Then at least I wouldn't feel so bad about the Hot Shots Cinnamon Schnapps and Diet Dr. Pepper I'm about to swill. And maybe somebody would feel me up in the hot tub during the afterparty.


  1. it was your rosy glow, only nubile young prom attendees look that pretty

  2. There are tons of hot tubs in that town! Take advantage. Plus, you don't wear clothes so you can't whine about outfits in 'em.

    p.s. I really like your hair a lot. I have perpetual bang-envy.