Monday, August 07, 2006

I gotta get some pictures up here.

I have just been perusing some of my new favorite blogs. This is interesting because until about a month ago, I didn't like them. Hated them, in fact. The only one I liked at all was call In Passing, in which a snotty San Fran grad student wrote down all this things she - ahem - overheard. But then I discovered the wonder that is A Dress A Day. Now I am thoroughly obsessed with them, especially the ones that have to do with fashion. Someday I will work up the gumption I need to write a really catty, witty , delicious something, but this blog is not about ME, it's about MARIE, dammit.

On another note, I almost finished the mythic brown eyelet dress for DJ Fab, who has been patiently awaiting my sewing expertise for six weeks or so. I screwed up the collar by not paying attention to directions, and by the time I got things steaming thru properly, I neglected to notice that it looks like crap. I've done something hellish to the shoulderline, which makes the dress hang funny, and it's only about two sizes too small. Now, La Fab is a normal sized girl, but in 1952 when this pattern was printed, women were apparently dabs of things with nary a lush handful of delight to be held. I know this because the dress would not even pretend to wrap around her waist in the manner proscribed for wrap dresses. The only solution is to immediately visit my favorite pattern site and buy the rerelease of this, sized to modern figures. Sorry, honey. I promise you that someday you will have the marvelous vintage-style dress I promised you.

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  1. ok, honey, I believe you. And in order to somehow reciprocate your efforts, I promise to spend long hours trolling through TJ Maxx for fabulous items for you. And driving to estate sales to find you antique buttoms and trim.