Friday, September 19, 2008

Athos, Porthos, Aramis

I was going to make this a post about how I bagged on dressing like a pirate today, and caught some flak for it. It was going to be amusing and light-hearted; I was going to make fun of my geekish tendencies again. But when it came down to it, the real reason I didn't dress up today is because I don't have anyone around to appreciate my efforts. The two people who I would put on a corset especially for are all the way across the country. They might as well be across the planet today. Once upon a time, the three of us traveled to a magical city together, and we had some times.

This is Lafitte's. He was a pirate who retired as a blacksmith. This building is hundreds of years old, and feels it. We drank whiskey at noon here, while the heat of the day built around us. Every window and door was wide open; gleaming carriages guided by top-hatted drivers kept gliding past, the horses' tack gently jingling. The first day we went - the first day we werein town - we managed to all dress in shades of purple. This was unintentional. None of us changed, though.
Lafitte's from the inside. When I think of New Orleans, this is what I see in my head. You could feel the history when you touched these bricks; they felt alive.

This is La Fabulous trying to make a Frida Kahlo face. She made this face a lot; when we were reading ghost stories that scared her, when the primates seemed too human, when there were only hours left for all of us to be together. You can see she is wearing the saints in this picture. On our way back to Sitka, we thought she had lost them in the airport. Luckily they had only slipped down into her bag. They never leave her for long.

This is Lady L. internalizing the whole experience. She is doing that by eating pralines in the grass of Jackson Square. There was jazz playing. You can almost hear it. That might well be why she is smiling.

We look astonished because that is a mama elephant. She is pregnant, and we got to feel the baby moving. It's happening in this picture. Lady L. got to touch her, too, but I don't have that picture.

Sunburned, hungover, exhausted, and exhilarated. I don't recall buying anything at the French Market, but here is the proof we were there. Here is the proof that once, we were as inseparable as the Three Musketeers, if that cliche doesn't make you roll your eyes. Here is the proof that two of the best women in the world are my friends.

Dear Ell and Vee,
Happy birthdays, my darlings. I miss you both so much. Thank you, again and again and once again, for all that you are. No matter what, this city is ours.


P.S. - I don't know which of us is which of the musketeers, except La Fab is Porthos. Obviously.


  1. this made me cry a little; i won't lie to you. i hate that it seemed so easy to get that trip together, when it would be so hard to do it now; i hate that we don't get to have moments of "oops we're all wearing purple, so what?" on a reasonably regular basis; i hate not getting out of airport vans and finding you two in courtyards waiting for me. the only comfort i'm taking away, right now, from looking at these pictures, is that i don't wear that bandana anymore.

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  3. Oh dear, honey. I adore you. Thank you for this post.


    I'm gonna cry a bit off camera now.

  4. There was a lot of bandanna action that trip. Vee sports one,too. And my hair was os long and unruly... Thank heavens we have moved on, sartorially speaking.

    I am not bringing Chacos or Tevas with me this time. I am, however, bringing a family sized package of bandaids, because I remember how many I used last time.