Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm not the only one!

God, if you're as lame as me, you just got a picture of Melissa Etheridge pasted onto your cerebellum. Sorry.

No, I meant, I wrote that post a little while ago about country music, and I actually ended up going on and on about how fucking great Huey Lewis and the News is, and then today, I stumble on this:Huey needs your help!

This guy wrote this like the same week I was talking up the Huester! Go figure. I am tuned into some kind of collective conscious regarding popular culture. One that reveres the completely awesomeness that is The Heart of Rock and Roll (boomboom. boomboom.), 'cuz it's still beating.

ETA: There are more than two of us, and one of us is not afraid to say what we're all thinking.

Also, I am working on editing down the Mixtape playlist. I used it for a radio show last week, and so it was two hours long. Way too long for a real mixtape. I am working on getting it to playable length (we don't want to bore our imaginary object of affection, after all) and then I will post it on this very blog. I know you all are waiting with baited breath. If you're really nice to me, maybe I'll even give some insight into why I chose the things I did. That means leave me really sweet comments about my good taste.


  1. Dude, that blog is so funny! How do you find these things? I spend just as much time on the internet as you but I never stumble upon such fantastic surprises.

  2. And never forget that Huey Lewis also has a gigantic wang.

  3. Sorry it took me so long to get over here. Fighting the good fight and all that, you know. Huey thanks you for your support!

    Merry Christmas!