Thursday, November 22, 2007


Skinny blond boys in pompadours and big guitars.

Mike Mascari in 10th grade English class.

Elvis Costello.

Pre-Army stint Elvis Presley.

Shaggy haired wild eyed creative types with baggy black leather jackets and sneakers.

Men significantly taller than I.

Slightly naive, sort of cornfed boys.

Jazz musicians who tilt back their porkpie hats before closing their eyes and leaning back to hit a high note.

Michael Hutchence. Never Tear Us Apart.

Gene Kelly.

Jimmy Stewart in Hitchcock.

Chris in the morning.

Lane Meyer.

Rob Gordon.

Lloyd FUCKING Dobler.

And you?


  1. Ok.

    Jareth the Goblin King.
    Guys with messy curly hair (almost ALL of them, even the dirty ones)
    Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank.
    Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club.
    Daniel Craig.
    Not Carey Grant, he never did it for me. Sorry.
    Gene Kelly.
    Donald O'Connor.
    Guys on bikes.
    Guys on motorcycles.
    Bob Dylan circa 1962.
    Guys who build things.
    Guys who can lift me up like it ain't no thang.
    Buzz Ravenal from Shag.
    Guys with accents, particularly Scottish.
    Mr. Darcy, although I like Mr. Bingley, too, for different reasons.
    Guys with green thumbs.
    Guys who read.
    Clive Owen.
    Peter Saarsgard.

    Maybe I should have made a list of ones that *don't* make me swoon.

  2. Nerdy, skinny rocker boys a la the Proclaimers.

    Or skinny, pale Scots.

    And for shame. Cary Grant, even if he was gayer than April in Paris.

  3. I almost forgot three really big ones:

    Justin Timberlake
    Jack White
    Eugene Hutz

    (although they all fall under the category "musicians"...some more solidly than others.)

  4. Paul Rudd in Clueless.

    John Malkovich in that scene in Dangerous Liasons where he writes the letter in Uma's ass.


    That one real funny bass player who teases me for playing a cheap bass. I've never seen his picture.