Monday, May 14, 2007

The most boring sewing project ever.

So boring, in fact, that there are no pictures of it. Of course, there are no pictures of anything interesting I'm doing, either, so that doesn't count for much. It did, however, remind me that I love to sew when I get to choose what I'm working on. And because I finished a UFO (that's unfinished object to you non-crafters) while I was sitting at the sewing machine. It was a skirt that I started for the Seattle trip but left undone because I detest hemming circle skirts. The only thing I hate more, in fact, is working on inane, ugly curtains for pushy people who aren't even friends of mine. That is why the skirt got finished. After the monotony of the cheap-ass, horrible curtains, at least I will get to wear my fabulous new skirt. Of which there is no picture. Of course.

What I do have pictures of is my boots. Just my cowboy boots, really. I wanted to put up some pictures of them because Japonski says that they are the footwear of choice for the big trip to NYC, and because we individually became obsessed with them at the same time. So here they are.

I have four pairs. I love them all. I wear the plainish, hard leather tan ones all the time. The black pair with bass clefs are really Stella's, and not mine at all. I love having an alter ego. The bookend pairs belonged to my sister, and at nearly 20 years old, are certifiably vintage. The suede tan pair are ultra comfy, but they are a little less Folsom Prison Blues and a little more Wanted Dead or Alive than I like. I say that, but if I ever get the heels fixed, I'll wear them to death, I'm sure. I intend on wearing the red ones with my new skirt, which is a delightful shade of aqua. I love that color combo.

Keep an eye out here for info on the new band website! H. is hard at work on it, because she is our Jill of all trades. I am in charge mostly of outlandish ideas, which I am very skilled at.

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  1. shoot. you have more cowboy boots than me. you won't believe this, but I really miss the white e. here in ny, all the vintage and thrift shops are already picked through.