Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Tis the season

Bea will prove it.

She has recently begun to assert her personhood in ways that kind of surprise me, because I didn't really expect them until later. The talking in full sentences was a shocker. And bigger than that was:

getting dressed her own damn self.
Now, I have to say that I approve, within limits. For example, I do not care that she chose to wear leopard print pants with a fairy princess dress. In fact, when I asked what pants she wanted and she answered, "Ummm, leppid p'int" I nearly applauded. It was the choice of the size 12 months fairy princess dress that I objected to. I practically had to corset the child to get her into it, and she couldn't lift her arms above her collarbone all day. The moral of that story is of course, that Momma needs to get on the ball and make a fairy princess dress that fits, preferably one in fuschia and lavender. I also feel the need to draw attention to the socks, barely visible, which she insists on wearing every day, since they have penguins on them.. Bea likes penguins. A lot.

She even got a stuffed chick from Sarah R.R. for Christmas. Sarah is Bea's hero. You will notice,please, that my darling's outfit in this picture is just as charming, tho not as individual, as the one in the preceding picture. This was taken a mere three hours later. She wouldn't let me wash her hair, so I gift-wrapped her.

Changing the subject, I hate slippers. I hate them because I would rather be sewing impractical 6-yard New Look circle skirts out of hot pink shantung taffeta, and cowgirl shirts with tattoo fabric yokes and pearly snaps, and retro style dress coats in deep violet wool melton. I have all those patterns, and even some of the fabric (the wool cuts a little too deeply into the pocketbook), but instead I am making slippers. Pair after pair of slippers. Sigh. After the New Year I am going to embark on another project, which I think will be a shirt to wear while I learn to play slap-bass. I am asking Santa for a double bass this year. He hasn't gotten me what I wanted since he brought me a cat and Huey Lewis's "Perfect World" when I was twelve. He has some making up to do. In addition to the bass, Santa, I want the complete Sun Records Story, and a pair of cowboy boots. And a motorcycle jacket. And a new stereo receiver. And I hope you liked the cookies last year and say hello to the reindeer and I love you and do you like me too? I like eggnog better than cocoa, so that's what I left you and thanks for the neat stuff last year,




  1. Enough with the cuteness! It drives me crazy.'re all grows up.

    P.S. I bet Gary G. would let you borrow his bass if you ask real nice. Just so Santa knows you're serious.

  2. Ha, except isn't the bass in that family (or ex-family as the case may be) Mary's?

    still ripping cd's; the endless ripping of cd's. nearly halfway done...