Monday, November 13, 2006

I just wish I actually knew how to play the bass

Cuz there is a really pretty one on eBay right now. And I could probably justify buying it if I thought that I would get use out of it, like if I thought that this group would get off the ground and have a performance of some sort. But I am leery. There doesn't seem to be much direction - and I am practically a virtuoso on the bass compared to the other - and I am not sure anyone else wants it as much as I do. I mean, they want to play music, and I think they see themselves onstage, but with the exception of H, who is nearly as theatrical as I, I don't see the hunger for applause that drives me toward making a go of this. So no lovely purple acoustic bass for the time being.

I got the 40's patterns in the mail and realized that even with wartime corner-cutting, I don't have a single length of material in the house long enough to make any of them. Okay, except for the citron linen that I mistakenly thought would make a good dress for S.'s wedding. I thought it was apple. It was Kool-Aid lime instead. Not only is the color difficult (read:appalling), but it is most certainly a summer fabric, and I want something wearable now. I am holding out for a rose-red lightweight wool flannel, but this may exist only in my dreams. It would be for the dress with the skirt with overlapping tiers like petals of a rose. The dress features parachute sleeves, too, which are making a comeback this season in exaggerated silhouettes. You know the ones, where they are fullish at the top but gradually add volume, and then gather in at the wrist or slightly above it. (Now is the part where I kick myself for being so technically incompetent that I can't show you pictures of these patterns. I don't have a scanner, and I can't find the pics on eBay. Trust me, they are lovely.) The one beef I have is that as much as I adore the structured, pre-New Look lines, the skirts are all relatively slim. I really go for the full circle skirts of the late 40's and early 50's. They are a little more forgiving of curvy girls.

So these dresses might be my next sewing project, if I rustle up some suitable material. Also, S. and I are contemplating making corsets - pinup style ones, to be exact. And of course I have the mountain of slippers to complete before Christmas. I should get moving on that.

This was supposed to be a pictured of a dress from the 40's with fabulous balloon sleeves and a full skirt. It's not here, obviously. I went to find the damn thing on eBay, and it's not there anymore, either. It might have been a complete figment of my sleep-deprived imagination.

And one more thing, because I am charmed beyond reason by it - over at Paris Breakfasts, there is a little piece today on dresses made of chocolate. I adore the ballgown with the pale gold tulle and gold leaves. I am a sucker for fairy princess gowns.


  1. Sorry, all, that pic to the balloon sleeve dress didn't work. I don't know why, and I 'm too lazy to fix it.

  2. It's wierd, that picture does show up if you click on it. But the link earlier in the blog doesn't work.

    Anyway! Maybe you should design and perform a one-woman show. Oohh...a
    MAGIC show.