Saturday, September 30, 2006

Don't you judge me!

I know, two weeks is unacceptably long between posts. But in my defense, I have actually been working on my costume rather than gadding about online. I have managed to do lots of stuff - cut the crap out of a pair of shoes, cut the crap out of my finger, cut the crap out of a yard of my not terribly expensive but scarce fabric, and actually complete the jupe and a muslin for fitting purposes of the lining for the contouche (see, I said I was going to call it this). Of course, there were several moments when I realized that I am in WAY over my head here, such as when I realized that the sleeves in no way resemble modern sleeves. Of course, I also figured out from doing some judicious (read: panicked) research that the pattern I chose is notorious for ill-fitting sleeves, and that the redraft I did is nothing more or less than anyone else has done. They are snug on me, I won't lie, but I will probably fudge them rather than fix them properly, because I am starting to feel the press of time. Instead, I chose to spend six hours this weekend rebinding the corset, because when I tried on the lining muslin, it would not lie flat over that evil phlegm of Satan disguising itself as faux-suede trim. In the process, I also trimmed down the unnecessarily bulky shoulder straps, and miraculously, this seemed to make the corset fit better. If you care at all, which you probably don't, I am still getting a tiny gap at the back of the armscye, and I can't for the life of me figure out what to do about that. Whatever.

I am just going to pretend that I meant to do it. You will notice that although there is little I can do to actually appear slender, the shape I manage to achieve is very like the ideal 18th century silhouette. Thank Dieu.

I have ordered some gigantic ostrich plumes for my wig, and I am going to start working on the embroidery for the stomacher tomorrow, if I can figure out what I did with the sketch I made.

This is on an entirely different subject, but I discovered the name of my mystery crush and immediately disqualified him. Not because of his name, which is disturbingly like the last name of my ex-husband, and not because he's (ahem) eight years younger than me. No. It's because he is a JV. That's Jesuit Volunteer for those not in the know, and I have to say I have nothing against them. Except they are very Catholic and they go on retreats together. And most of them are vegtetarian. Not that I have anything against vegetarians. But I don't really want to date one. It's the same way that I love tiny purse-dogs, but I would never subject myself to the calumny of owning one. He is lovely though, and funny. I will have to content myself to prodding fun at him, and smirking in satisfaction when he can't follow my train of thought.

Shoes next time, my lovelies!


  1. I think you should just wear THAT.

  2. You look ridiculously hot. I drafted a pattern for a corset- NOT a 16th century one, mind you- for myself this week and it is depressing because instead of going out at the top, in at the middle, and out again at the hips, it is smallest at the top and just goes out. That's based on my measurements. My waist is officially right under my boobs. So while some may call me slender... I lack a certain amount of va-va-va-voom that you display so fantastically here.

    And hey, what's wrong with an 8 year difference, anyways? Ya got a problem with it? You could corrupt a sweet young Catholic thang, couldn't you? Oh wait, no, I did that once and it's a bad idea, I forgot. It probably had something to do with the fact that I was corrupting another sweet young not Catholic thang at roughly the same time. Anyways. I was also sweet and young at the time. yeah, anyways.

    So did blogster lie for you about the date? ;)s

  3. PS What's an armscythe or whatever? I had to go back to see the spelling and I still forget. =)s

  4. I didn't realize the date did not update - I actually started drafting this on that day, but did not finish it until a few days ago.

    And it's really not anything to do with a moral dilemma concerning his age or his Catholisicm. It's more being too old and cynical to pretend to be sympathetic to his own moral dilemmas. Give me a scruffy hipster boy of twenty two who is sufficiently jaded enough that he won't regret anything we might do - well, I would probably thank you for the lovely present. But righteousness is so tiresome - and so is earnestness. Remember Ryan? He farmed organic acrrots for a while. Jsut carrots.

    And an armscye is the hole in the bodice where the sleeve fits in.